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I Trust

Our guide in meditation tonight had us focus on trust. “Just repeat, I trust,” she asked of us. So I repeated that. I fell into a deep state of relaxation. I felt trusting of my surroundings. Then I began to climb stairs in my mind. This is all happening in my mind, of course, because I am just sitting on a blanket spread out on a wood floor in a yoga studio. But I climbed to a new level. That level was a better world. I looked around, then climbed a ladder. Soon I was at another level. The world there was beautiful. “Welcome to our level,” a man said to me. “This is the future, and we built a better one for ourselves than the past you came from.” But the ladder still ascended, so I continued upward. I stopped, looked around, and felt a peace at that next level that I had never felt in my world. I wanted to see more. The last level was a steep climb up a flight of stairs. I was greeted there, also. “We couldn’t build our future with a lateral move in your past. We had to build it vertically.” The problems you and I experience now were not part of that world. There was a whole different attitude about humanity there. I can’t describe what it was, but the important thing was that these people had learned to progress upward not in just their technology but in the simple essence of life.


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