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Let Go

Letting go of negative experiences allows us to move forward. The quicker we can train ourselves to do this, the faster, and further, we can move forward. When setbacks only last a fleeting moment, then that is what they are. Very few things in this world are important enough to hold any of us back for very long. Money can be replaced. So can property. Even people come and go out of our lives. There are bad people in the world, so, unfortunately, they take things from us. There are mean people in the world, so, unfortunately, they cause us pain. We live, so, unfortunately, we must die. Our time here on this blue planet has a limit, so it is going to end, and unfortunately, it will probably end badly.

The one certainty is that, if we are not dead, we have another moment to live. So if we are broke, we have another moment, if we have lost something, or everything, we have another moment, if we have been hurt, we have another moment. You get the picture. And yes, if we have lost a loved one, we still have another moment. We still need to move forward. It is the only thing any of us can do.

Groovy Guru

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