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Letting Me be Me

Let me be me. The question in meditation this morning was “what is best for me?” The mantra was “So Hum, “ which in Sanskrit is “I am that.” The answer, when the question was added to the mantra, was to let me be me. Not just the me now, but the me in each phase of my life. The me thirty years ago, the me forty years ago, and the me fifty years ago. The me not too long ago. And the me now. There is a comfort when we just let go of our judgments of ourselves and let who we were in the past be just that — who we were. Not who we are. Who we were. So I let me in all those times just be me in those times and today I am letting me be me.

I’m playful, I’m creative, I’m full of energy. I’m insightful, serious at times, and full of hope. I am intimate, quiet, and prefer to be alone. I experience others, I feel their energy, I connect. And I care. That is the “me” now.

I accept the “me” before. I accept that the me that was, was probably best for me at the time. I have never been completely opposite. There has always been this part of the me now in the me then. I’m not going to judge myself for how I saw and reacted to the world while standing in the shoes I stood in then.

And that is another good thing about me.

Chris Plante

September 25, 2018

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