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Music Vibrates the Soul

Connecting. It’s what people want to do. Connecting with each other, with nature, with their inner feelings. Some want to be connected and left alone at the same time. They just want to feel the air around them teem with life. They want to hear others talk. Not to them, but to others. Now and then they want to touch, to feel, to vibrate from the commotion. Music answers many of those needs. Music permeates the soul and rings it from head to toe. Music separates the air around us and creates voids we can fall into, then new ones that we can dive deeper into, sometimes discovering feelings we never knew we had.

Mix a bunch of strangers in a large room and wait for the band to set up. When the music begins blaring the strangers come together. Music is like a gob of glue that descends down on everyone within earshot, bonding them in the mood of the moment. It feels good, and it is something that we seek over and over again.

Groovy Guru

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