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My Groovy Hope for the Future

My hope is that, sometime in the not too distant future, citizens of oppressed third world countries will rise up and take over their resources, throw out the bums and crooks that have run their societies into poverty, and transform their lands into the vibrant, prosperous havens of humanity they have been meant to be since the beginning of time. I think this transformation will happen in Mexico one day. When the mass population of that country is connected enough to share information and learn from each other, no one individual will be able to deny the opportunity for a better life that awaits every member of his or her society after corruption has been extinguished.

The tools needed by the individual are readily available. Resources in Mexico are abundant, enough so to fuel an economy that should be on par or better than that of the United States. The coastlines, the agriculture, the fossil fuels, and the work ethic of the labor force are just a few of the resources that Mexico has. A drive down the coast of Mexico, all the way to Guatemala, should be like a drive from San Francisco to San Diego. The country should be developed, and the people of the country should have wealth commensurate with their efforts. The people of Mexico just need better governance. They need a governing system that allows them to flourish. They need one that will purge itself of corruption and purge the drug cartels from their strongholds. And that need will be fulfilled as knowledge and education overcomes brute force.

The key is in connecting every soul in the country, then organizing a synchronized movement to usurp power, replacing each victory with men and women dedicated to a new prosperity.

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