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No Capital

I think worldwide economic structure is going to have to adapt to technology that replaces human labor. And it is going to have to begin the adaptation soon. Not only are the service jobs being replaced by automation, just as many of the manufacturing jobs have already been replaced, but high tech, teaching, and engineering jobs are too. The problem we all face is how we are going to contribute to society in a way that merits value. Patchwork, or human labor used to cover the last bit of need that automation cannot fulfill, is not a viable answer. That kind of work is not life long fulfilling – it is depressing and thankless. It is not the answer. If there is any disparity between classes in the future, let it be lack of education, but only as a result of laziness, not due to financial status. Capital will need to be removed from the equation. As it will need to be removed from society. Legal tender will be produced results by individuals and will be rewarded, keeping incentive, a human concept, alive and prosperous. I’m not sure we will ever see utopia in the future, but I think we will see a higher form of humanity. A time when mankind truly values individual intellect. A time when there is little of the discrimination, economic, academic, and geographical, that poisons our world now. A time when the barriers of capital are a distant memory.

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