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Optimism of the Heart

I think the ideal of a better future for mankind, one that is void of corruption, greed, discrimination, and cruelty, is in the hearts and minds of most young people today. But the discipline to put their ideals into practice is not. I do not foresee a kinder world ahead. I see one that is highly segregated between those who know and those who know not. And I am not referring to knowing as in education, it’s the knowing that comes from being connected to the people who are increasingly gaining power over the political and monetary policies that shape the world. The disconnect between those people and the rest of society is isolating the part of society that is the educated hard working class and limiting that segments access to accepted upward mobility.

The lower classes will eventually be resigned to servitude labor. They may hold on to a perceived middle class American lifestyle, but only at the cost of their health, and eventually their lives.

Those who break out of the cycle of servitude will be those who can defer gratification long enough to build an equity stake in a business and home that enables them to live with little or no debt.

What is interesting about this thought is that it could have been written two hundred years ago and it would have been just as relevant as it is today. It just shows that people change very little, if at all.

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