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People are the Future

Projecting how technology will encroach on our livelihoods should be given much thought by anyone concerned with their future. Much of what is done now by people will one day be done by machines. But with every loss, there is a void created – one that an intelligent person can fill and find fulfillment in. Machines will interact with other machines and not need human interaction. Programs will interact with other programs. Still no need for people here. These things could go one for decades, with no people to oversee them. Occasionally a part will wear out on a machine, and the machine will fix itself. Machines will have the intelligence to make their own parts. And programs will write new updates for themselves.

The future for people is in interacting with other people. Individuals need to program themselves to work well with other individuals. It will be the one constant that will never be outsourced.

Groovy Guru

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