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Simple Minds

The future for the idealist will always be tainted by those who have no class, no consideration, and no ability to interact with humanity. They may play a part in technological breakthroughs, but they will thwart the application of so many advances they are a part of and not a part of. Just as the past was tainted, so will our future be – the past of generations after us. Greed is probably the number one foe to the entirety of the human race. Wealth, or what some consider the hording of resources, money, cultural treasures, property, and other things, is not what I am referring to. Those things are rewards to those who, for the most part, earn them through risk. There must be a reward available for those who risk to improve society. In a healthy society the rewards are not zero-sum. Those who understand that have no problem with the concept of wealth.

The greed I am referring to is the hording of space, time, and opportunity. These things are horded by small minded people who feel a need to be noticed by those they will never have any kind of relationship with. They block, cause strife, and incite anger. They hurt progress. They will always be with us because our civil society prohibits us from killing them.

So we do our best to teach, convert, and lead them into a future where fewer people are held back by the, hopefully dwindling numbers, of simple minds that linger from yesteryear.

Groovy Guru

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