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Stirring the Pot

scare the living bejeezus out of someone.

When considering what people want, it is safe to default to offering society something that improves life. That in mind, it is safe to offer something that entertains. Something that either scares the living bejeezus out of someone or sends them to the floor holding their gut in laughter. It is the ability to offer a memory, a moment in the past, one that can be recalled for a lifetime and added to others, that brings a reward to those who create those moments. The reward is both fulfilling and lucrative for the artist, promoter, venue supplier, and a host of others. Everyone has their specialty. I think anyone who can lock into a niche revolving around this concept, in any angle fitting their talent, can have a wonderful life.

Another key to having a wonderful life is to always, always, be “stirring the pot.” Find something that interests you and shake it up. Stuff will shift, change, and fall out. Some people will be happy, some mad, and some indifferent. Reactions are the measure of the commotion caused. They are the gauge. It doesn’t matter whether they are all positive. Negative reactions mean that what you did got under people’s skin. It means that what you did has meaning. A mix of reactions means people will talk. And argue. And make the content of your efforts a matter of opinions. Which is what you want. To make things interesting.

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