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Take Me Back

I think a really cool project would be to have Google Street View as the street was at a time in the past. A “take me back” button on street view takes you back to the 1970s, or 50s, or 30s, or 1890s. Back as far as Google can get pictures. It would be an overlay on a current map. The old roads would be there… buildings that are now parking lots would be there. The old gas stations would be there. Anything that may have been there would be there. As correct as possible. The database would include period street signs, sidewalk displays, cars, buses, trains, and people. A newspaper front page would be available to click on. Ads, radio shows, and movie trailers would be linked. Restaurant menus and store inventories would be available to browse. Best selling books and the writings of the philosophers of the day would be pop ups and downloadable. The viewer could tour homes, apartments, businesses, churches, city buildings – whatever Google has on file. Life histories would be linked in. Journals, an individual’s diary – all available to browse through. It would be like going back in time.

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