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The Burden of Ownership

t might just be better to rent.

Sometimes I write notes to myself to jog some creative juices about a marketing concept or future business plan. This is one of those times.

I think “owning” things will be far less important in the future than having access to things. The burden of ownership is rewarded by a realization of equity, giving the owner freedom later in life. For those who would rather work until they drop dead, some out of necessity and some because they enjoy doing so, ownership, while it is a secure feeling, is not going to pay off in their lifetimes. Access to new, updated, good working things, though, will be something to enjoy all their years. Someone still has to own the things, and rent them to those who would rather do so. Not to mean that the renters are unmotivated and have resigned themselves to only working meaningless jobs day in and day out. Well heeled, intelligent people with high earning power can also benefit from renting. Their focus can be on improving their crafts and earning fortunes. They may prefer living in a different five star hotel every few years. And always enjoy new furniture. And a new car lease every year. And a time share yacht. And a timeshare jet. They might just rent from an entity that provides the entire lifestyle package. For every income level.

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