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The Business of Hope

An entire industry is built on the speculation of what happens to us after we die, and an entire industry thrives on what we think will happen to us after we die, and another one prospers on our fears of not doing enough to prepare for what is in store for us after we die. Some entities wrap it all up into one enterprise, and some focus on specifics.

There is not much target specific revenue to generate when individuals focus on life and not on fear. When people look past their own needs and reach out to others, crossing racial, social, and economic lines, they are no longer subject to division. They are no longer separated into fractional societies, but become part of a whole. A part of humanity. The enterprises that feed off small groups living in fear no longer have those small groups to pitch their messages of fear to. The acquisition cost of new converts becomes overwhelming. The integration of humanity, people connecting with one another, people caring about what they can do for others and not the unknown – is all bad for the fear business.

And so the doors open for the business of hope. When the divided integrate they will no longer be conquered. Exponential growth among humanity will then follow.

Groovy Guru

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