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The human race has the power, right now, to connect every soul on the planet. With the implementation of just a fraction of deferred gratification, the human race could, right now, exist in harmony and prosperity. Education, health, and crowd motion would overwhelm greed, control, and evil. Tyrants would have no more power and resign themselves to what insignificant dominions they can carve out of the freedom extended to every soul. All the pieces are ready to be snapped together. They are scattered all over the globe, ready for those with their eyes open.

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A Nation Gives Birth

The world ganged up on Germany after WWI and its people suffered economically. The hate of that people began to fester. Ultimately they picked a minority to target. And a country to invade. And the

The Future is Close to Us

I think the best way to project the future is to take a good look at the generations that follow ours. We can forecast what our future will be like with what we know now about our current state of tec

It's Always Someone's Turn to Rule the World

Each generation gets the opportunity to rule the world. Because it's always someone's turn to rule the world.  If the generation begins ruling early, then those who participate have time to make a lot


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