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Account for the Present

The future will only improve when those living in the present accept the factual historical events that preceded their present. In order for that to happen, stubborn opinions have to be put aside. In order for that to happen, those who hold opinions have to open their minds to reality. In order for that to happen those same people, which constitutes nearly all the human race, have to accept their circumstances as reality. When each individual member of the human race can accept present reality on its face, and share that acceptance with others, then they will each have the maturity to accept the past without spin. They will learn, finally, the mistakes and successes of their ancestors. And, finally, implement the ones that work.

We all contribute to an opinion of our present through posts, journal entries, editorials, essays, and a host of other writings. Our contributions will be a study of the past by people long after we are all gone. I think it is very important for us to give factual accounts of our present world, accounts that may be contrary to our feelings for it, in order for those in the future to fully understand what shaped their present.

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