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Art Begets Art

Art can be more or less. It can be gobs of paint tossed on a canvas or a thoughtful depiction of a life scape by a master. It can be a thing, a sculpture, a mix of media. Large or small. Art is the result of a creative thought. It is what is done. The interpretation is for everyone to imagine. Whether it is good is for everyone to decide. No matter what, though, art will move each person who sees it. One way or the other.

We are all wired differently. Things speak differently to you than they do to me. We can agree sometimes, or not, or see more than each other and accept what we each miss.

Some art is not supposed to mean anything. It is meant to get people talking about what they see, then share insight and create a meaning. Two, ten, a thousand people all look at the same square in red and come up with a myriad of meanings, all cumulating into a few meanings, and presented to the world in a big, glossy, expensive hard bound book.

Art begets art, then. It inspires conversation, unity, and more of the same for the art it itself inspires. Art is part of life, just as life moves forward, so does art. Just as life is always renewed, so is art.

Groovy Guru

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