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Calm Vibe

Last night’s meditation class had a very calming vibe. I felt that calm, deeply, and as a result, the energy that comes with it. Just put yourself in a comfortable position and look deep into your heart.  Focus on your heart, and just see it, beating with a healthy rhythm. Then look away from your heart, to a point just ahead of it.  Just listen to the silence between the noises around you as you do.  That is where I go to feel calm — I go to the silence between the noise.  It is where the beauty is.   

I am currently focused on a personal quest to scale two businesses.  With daily meditation, I have the inner peace that gives me the energy to draw a larger circle of influence each passing day. All the other stuff going on in the world is chatter. I am focused on the silence between it all. That focus consumes me.

Things happen.  Life happens.  Life is a hodgepodge of situations.  I like what Deepak Chopra says, "The situation is just a blank canvas. It has no meaning until I personalize it." I can choose to not personalize some things — those are other people’s things — leaving energy for that which is important to me — for my things.  From a position of “calm, ” then, I can sail through the experience of life, and let some things just pass on by. 

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