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Common Denominator

There is one common denominator among any member of any age group when it comes to the future, and that is hope. The young look to the future with a hope of attainment. They are not sure how it will feel, and how it will affect them, but they look forward to being what they conceptualize. The concept is based on what they don’t know now. They cannot know, because it will all be new to them. Their ignorance is their hope. The most important thing for the rest of society in regards to all this is that the young have hope, and the confidence to pursue their futures.

Over the years their concepts of the future will change, as will their knowledge of what to expect. Their confidence will either increase, stagnate, or deteriorate. Loss of confidence within any individual results in a cost to society. Those who cannot produce become the subsidized, leaving the ones who can to pick up the tab. As the subsidized individual plots along in life, his or her concepts of the future become scaled down. Hope becomes hopelessness. The hopelessness spreads, further increasing the price to society.

The concept of hope becomes a distinguishing element that defines classes, prompting lifestyle choices, choices in consumption, educational and vocational choices, the avoidance of education and vocation, and geographic zones.

Every person in every age group is subject to the conceptual changes of hope. It is an entirely individual thing. Every person in every age group is also affected by the hopes of each member of society. Promoting hope benefits us all. The grander the hope, the better future that will be built.

Groovy Guru

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