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Divine Play

In meditation tonight I felt the wonderful energy of people at play. In my mind’s eye I saw people at work, but instead of working their souls were dancing with the playful energy that is stored in each. I saw the seminar I was at just yesterday, where 300 people sat in attendance from morning to evening, but what I saw was not them sitting, but them dancing with each other in a form of connected mutual love. I saw people in different venues around the world, some who are contentious with each other in current national politics, all dancing, just humans loving other humans. They were living the concept of Divine Play, as interpreted by me. It is, in my mind, the act of enjoying others in a pure, nonjudgemental, expectation-less way. It’s just enjoying the energy, the bond of what makes us all the same, and the gift God gave us all to live and breathe and see and hear and love with our hearts as those hearts pulse energy through the temples that house our souls. What better way to celebrate our lives than to celebrate with others, and what better way to love others than to celebrate them with the simple act of just letting go.

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