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Draw in Good

“Like attracts like. You don’t draw in who or what you want, you draw in who or what you are… Change your intention and you change your path.” I sat and listened to the whisper. Then I began to meditate. I saw my form, dark, at a doorway of a dilapidated building. I was hate. It was me, full of it. And full of anger. Not that I am, but there is a portion of me that is. I suppose a lot of us have that portion, some of us quite a bit, and some of us very little. It’s part of what we pick up along the path.

I gave that me a long look, then I sent him away. He walked off into the horizon, taking the hate and anger with him, leaving me free of that energy. Leaving me free of drawing that energy from others. You draw in who you are. You draw in what you are.

I choose to emit trust. I choose to emit love. I choose to care and to let it show. I will get hurt, as there are so many in this world who emit the opposite. I will be beaten, and my heart will sometimes break. But I can self-repair. No doctor needed, except for some friendly words once in a while to remind me that this path is okay. I suppose all of us need that on occasion. I believe it is there, in pieces, pieces to pick up along the path. Along the path we each take.

Chris Plante

October 1, 2018

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