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Forgiving the Past

It’s easy to forgive and forget the acts of some people from our past. I find it easiest to forgive my childhood peers. I hope they find it easy to forgive me. There is a learning curve in life and sometimes we become part of the curve for others. The damage gets done, but the lesson is recorded and that young person goes on to be a better adult because of it. I hold adults to a higher standard. They have already gone through the process of colliding with other people in an often hurtful way. That was already chalked up to growing up. They should, and often do, know better. The stresses of life sometimes cloud their judgement. Fraud, corruption, and plain evil are not part of this discussion. They are an obvious issue spanning all age groups. I’m just looking at the innocent day to day stuff that happens between people over time.

Sometimes it is physical exhaustion that causes adults to do stupid things to other adults. Sometimes it is mental exhaustion. Either way, adults have to express their apologies to one another.

Kids just avoid each other until one party moves away, a luxury we can’t participate in when we are all grown up.

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