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Reprogramming the Past

I would like to go back in time and tell myself things I wish I had known. It’s not possible, but it would be nice, We each have the capability, though, to program our memories by reaching back to the past and connecting with ourselves and then teaching the person we were then the lessons we have learned since. We can’t change the outcome of the years gone by, but we can change, to an extent, some of our memories. The changes will affect our personalities, with the intention of making ourselves stronger, more determined people. I have tried this process and been successful in erasing not only memories that have burdened me in the past, but the feelings those memories have induced.

It’s very easy to do. You simply remember something way back, then change a few things and turn the experience you had into an empowering one. Then play it back a few times and feel it. Replay the memory a few more times over the next week and it will be engraved in your brain. You have to lie to yourself a little, and sometimes a lot, but it’s only to yourself. And it’s for a good cause.

Our past is what we remember it to be. Our present is what we have become. And our future is what we want it to be. Then we repeat the process. There is no reason why we have to leave how we feel about it all to chance.

Groovy Guru

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