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Good Vibrations

I wanted to keep good vibrations in my heart, I wanted to call them up any time of the day, and I wanted to call them up more often than I had been. I wanted them to be a part of me. Emitting good vibrations is the key to being open, transparent, and fluid.

It is the key getting along, it is the key to connecting to the good that is within others, and it is the key to defending against bad will, as it confuses the bad and resets time. That is a hard one to explain. It is something that happens in the moment, and most of us have experienced it–and this is how we do it–we vibrate. All living beings vibrate. Our energy extends well past the space we occupy, and it lingers. We can bring or leave warm or icy feelings. We affect every person and living creature we pass.

I felt it was time to make vibrations, the good ones, a priority in my life. It was always on my mind to have them, and I always strove to emit them, but I wanted a download, a sure thing program woven into every cell.

So I had a hypnotherapy session. My therapist, Jade, has downloaded a few programs into my mind and heart in the past. Last year I decided it was time to be in control of my feelings and let them pass through me like water. She programmed me to feel, anytime I wished, to be fragmented; to be a whole being but existing in particles that challenges can pass straight through, leaving the authentic “me” unaffected.

Then, in another session, she created a glowing blue cylinder in my heart that generated feelings of unbridled gratitude that continues to overwhelm me each day. I simply say to myself, “There is always something to be grateful for,” and the cylinder spins.

I call her after I have studied and meditated over a subject for the time it takes for me to know exactly what I want. That’s what I did with the OODA Loop, a process of Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action that can be repeated to make endless rapid decisions based on new information each time, because after each action the circumstances are changed. I have my own system to implement the loop when I need it. She put it there. I can activate it at any moment.

Jade had me lock on to seven short films of times in my life that brought me joy. She had me play those short clips over and over, faster and faster, committing them to memory. “When that film is looping in your mind, you can only feel good. There is no room for anything else.” And that is exactly how she said it, and that is exactly how I turn it on, and each time I do, there is no room for anything else.

There are times when the good vibrations shut out those who are not “feeling it” that day, who wish to be contentious. But those vibrations linger, and those people go on to, hopefully, have a better day, or at least a better tomorrow. And when they do they feel the vibes that still linger. Because we all leave energy. So it is always there to feel when the heart is in the right state.

And I am just doing my part as often as I can. Thanks Jade.

Chris Plante

October 20, 2019

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