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Groovy Guru Get Smart

My take on the episode where the Groovy Guru captures Maxwell Smart and 99, is, well, probably not important to anyone but me. Groovy Guru was not in a karmic state, and because of that, was sure to get clobbered in the end by the awesome Smart. Groovy Guru went on to prove to all of us that one cannot be in the wrong and expect to ultimately win. The Sacred Cows, while lending support to Groovy Guru for a time through their hypnotic music, were also in the wrong karmic, you know, vibe, and sure to fail with their music. Music, then, cannot be "all bad," but must have elements of positiveness in it in order to hold one's mind for decades to come. I can remember the words to "Love Me Tender," by Elvis, but not the words to any of the songs by Sacred Cows. That should be enough right there to prove my point. Had Groovy Guru been in a groove, he would have been powerful, but in a good way, and probably would have been chilling in a hippie bus down on Venice Beach instead of working for KAOS.

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