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Honey Boo Boo Binge

She's a Western God Darling.

One nice thing about being an atheist is that there is no entity to let me down. I don’t question why God lets little black children in Ethiopia starve to death while little white kids like Honey Boo Boo binge on junk food 24/7. As a non-believer, I don’t buy into the concept of a God, let alone a Western God – the really white one who blesses the members of the mega-churches with perfect hair, paddle shift equipped Lexus’s, and stainless steel kitchens. That Western God seems to like to spend his or her time in the west, where women have pedicures every week and men in expensive suits throw money at him – or her. The Western God’s visits to Ethiopia seem to be few, if any. The plight of the souls in Ethiopia are sadly a result of humanity gone wild. God is not around, it appears, to be of any help. At all. But religious people are, and I credit with a big thank you the people who pray, then get up off their knees and go do something to alleviate the suffering. I think any source that inspires people to contribute to the lifting up of humanity is a source that is good. So rather than having a single entity to let me down, I have billions of good individuals to applaud. My hope is that each one of them sees the beauty in that.

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