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Hyper Awareness

Inside my awareness lies the means to make any possibility come true. I heard that on a Deepak Chopra meditation session today. Each morning I put a pad down on the grass and cross my legs over the wet blades. Sometimes I listen to Deepak, sometimes I just listen. Sitting still and listening is how I develop the ability to become more and more aware. Having my bare feet on the wet grass is a way of connecting to the earth. A wonderful meditation guide taught me that, she moved me from my perch next to the pool and put me in the grass. “This is how you connect,” she told me. She was right.

With my body connected to Mother Earth, I connect my soul to the living world by breathing deep and long. Its how I take in the energy that is all around. If you ever saw the Matrix, the digital world is represented by falling green code that resembles rain. It is energy. It is constant. In a state of hyper-awareness, it is possible to see with the mind the energy of people who live now and who have lived, as far back as the very first person on the earth. And it kind of looks like falling code. It bounces off the soft grass and somersaults across the lawn. As it does, I feel pieces of people’s thoughts and dreams and a little of the love that was in their hearts. And when this happens the door to awareness opens a little further for me. I sense a little more. I feel a little more. I read people just a little better. I can be more compassionate, more loving, more understanding. The “more” is more as measured to what I had previous. It is different for everyone. Any progress is good. It does not matter where we start or where we end. It is a process, and takes, I think, more than a few lifetimes to get down.

With my body connected to Mother Earth, I connect my soul to the living world by breathing deep and long. It is how billions of people before me connected to the billions of people before them. It is how I connect to those around me, and how the billions before me connected to each other. And when they did, they sensed a little more, felt a little more, read each other a little better, had more compassion, more love—more understanding. I know they did. I feel it. I see their energy dancing across the soft blades of grass, performing somersaults across the lawn and straight into my heart, where it brews, and one day will join with the energy around me and dance on another lawn, long after I am gone, right into another’s heart.

Chris Plante

October 11, 2018

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