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Leaving Something

I think we are wired with the desire to leave something behind that will last for lifetimes after us. That is why people build things and produce art in multiple forms. Sculpture, paint, photos, woodwork… We build the tangible. We look for materials to use that will last over time. And we learn to craft with them. And we build the intangible. In the form of the intangible, we each have the technology available to us to leave details about everything we think and do and see to generations to follow. Journals, books, blogs, short films, feature length films… I suppose we all wonder if civilizations thousands of years ahead of us will have the ability to log into the servers that carry our individual history and all the digital history we have produced. We wonder because we want them to see us, to meet us – and we want to teach them something that will benefit them. It is a need that is woven into our humanity.

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