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Not Becoming One

There are people we come across in our lives whom we are better off not “becoming one” with. I can think of quite a few people I not only wish I had not connected with on a spiritual plane, but wish I had never met. I’m sure that my story is not any different than the many others with similar experiences. Some people come into our lives by choice, others by chance. As children we are exposed to becoming property of those that we as adults might despise. Our meeting type with those people is in the “chance” category. We are thrust into their worlds and have to find a way out. Time is our best ally in these cases, since eventually we grow up and can get out. I have had the unpleasant fortune of having this happen in life. During my captivity I made notes, the mental kind, of all the things that I did not want to be as an adult. I think it is sad when a child has a bad childhood, but that bad childhood does not have to have a sad outcome. Mine certainly is not. My two boys seem happy enough. They are dealt with fairly, as human beings having value. As individuals with eccentric ideas of their own. And they are given the one thing I know I can afford to give plenty of, the vote of confidence.

And so the cycle is broken.

Groovy Guru

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