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Not Surprised

As my sons become men, their accomplishments, intellectually and otherwise, are more than I would ever dare take credit for, as I am not one who would steal the efforts of their individual hard work. I never foresaw, in their youth, how they would grow to be fine adult men – I just believed that they would. I am not surprised by them, or in awe. Just proud.

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Rather than projecting the outcome, I have conditioned myself to focus on the matter in front of me. I'm not sure which way the matter is going to go, I just know that I have met it right then and th

Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Understand the negativity in the world and recognize the tactics. Vigilance is our only course of action. Like my meditation teacher said, "an ugly win is still a win." 1. “Power is not only what yo

Understand Yourself

Let’s say you are in a multi-decades long relationship and you feel your spouse still does not understand you. Well, maybe your spouse does, and you just can’t connect because you don’t understand you


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