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Ride the Earth

We will go through this life meeting just a few of the billions of others that ride the earth around the sun every year with us. We ride a few minutes with some and eight or nine decades with others. And plenty in between.

We will follow or be followed through social media many more people than any generations before us have ever followed. But we will still only sit down and talk with, on a regular basis, only a handful of people.

We will read the comments, thoughts, and stories of many more people than any of the generations before us ever did. But we will still only sit down and talk with, or sit down to a meal with, on any basis at all, only a handful of people.

We will know more about others than any generation before us ever knew about each other, yet we still will only meet a handful of people in our lifetimes.

The best we can do is to make the best of it all.

Groovy Guru

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