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The Concept of Jesus

let those who love him thrive along with him.

I don’t accept Jesus as my personal savior, so I’m not a Christian. But I love the concept of Jesus and what believing in him causes so many people on the planet to do for themselves and for each other. Jesus, in his original recorded form, is the epitome of good. As one who subscribes to Humanism, I embrace all that is good for humanity. So I recognize that Jesus is good for humanity. There are, unfortunately, many who distort the teachings that are said to be his, and they are bad for humanity, but nothing Jesus is said to have done is hurtful in any way.

For me it does not matter if Jesus was a God or not. The records of his time in society portray him as a good man, one who did good deeds and gave his life for the people he loved. I’m not even going to bother looking for any faults in someone like that. I think the collective of humanity needs good stories of good people who made a difference. And since there are billions of personalities in the world with billions of individual concepts and ideas, there needs to be multitudes of ideals to choose from. And that is simply because what appeals to one does not always appeal to another. So let Jesus thrive, and let those who love him thrive along with him.

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