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Thumbs Up

Significance is a need. Everyone needs to feel it. I think I realized this morning a way to begin projecting that others are significant. It’s done by trusting. By trusting others, they feel relevant. They feel they are worthwhile. They realize their confidence. A bond develops. It may just be a casual, infrequent bond, like the one I have with the gardeners that come once a week to clean the shopping center where we keep our studio. I switched parking spaces on Saturday mornings so they have more room to maneuver their truck.

And I gave them the “thumbs up” a few weeks ago. I think they appreciated that. I think they feel trusted that they are doing a good job. I think they appreciate that I go out of my way to give them needed space.

The feeling they have just may project as a good feeling toward someone else. Maybe they each spread some trust on their paths. A simple gesture from me, one given in sincerity, becomes a ripple that they and all whom they come in contact with that they give energy to. The ripple becomes a wave that I never could have created. It’s good. And I like that.

Chris Plante

September 18, 2018

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