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Two College Coeds

Two college coeds discussed their favorite houses as they barreled down the street in the big black car. “That one is cool, it’s got like a lawn to run around in, and, like the style is just awesome,” said the tall blond. “My fave is the bricky look, it’s like, really homey and warm,” commented the other blond. They had just passed a “bricky” house. “My cousin lives in one of those, it’s like brick all the way around, like it is so cool, all that, like, brick.” “Really? The ones in my neighborhood are all, like, stucco and siding, and, like, a combo of both.” “That’s like, so boring.” “My worst ex friend Amber, the one who like slept with my boyfriend in high school, lives in one of those stucco boxes. That bitch. She’s fat and ugly now. I just want to punch her in the face every time I think of her.”

“I like the wood ones with the, like, cute windows.” The girls had just flew by a California ranch style home. “I’d like, live in one of those, like anytime.” And then the girl added, “Especially with Brad. I’d like have his babies and like water our potted plants and cut fresh flowers and stuff for the rest of my life, loving every moment of it.” “Brad is so, like, hot.” They both sat for a moment and rolled their eyes back in a dreamy state.

“I have to like study for English tonight.” “That’s so, like, totally not the cool thing to do. I mean, like, they never give us time to just, like, chill. I need chill time.” “So do I, like, totally.”

The big black car continued down the road, whisking by bricky houses and stucco houses and little wood houses with cute windows adorned with potted plants, and the two blondes went on to, like, talk about stuff.

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