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Welcome Trust

I welcomed trust into my life this morning. I have it, but I have never made a formal introduction with it. For our society to survive, for humanity to progress, the attributes that lead to an acceptance of others, a trust of others, must flourish in each of our hearts. Trust is not something we can develop in our minds. We cannot always piece the actions and words of those around us together into a string of deductions that lead us to trust. It’s not an absolute. There are mistakes being made on an innocent, human scale. (Sure, there is the obvious evil people do, but we are stating that as the obvious and focusing on the abundant, common good.) Good people are not consistent. Good people progress overnight without our knowing it. Good people wake anew each day. There is no “Fitbit” for the human soul, strapped to another’s wrist that we can grab and check and move on. Even if there were, our vision may be too blurred at any one moment to see the results clearly. Or we may be in a hurry and never grab that wrist, and pass those results by. Or we may have baggage on our minds and just ignore a moment completely. We do all that without the “Fitbit,” if there ever were one.

Being trusted is a human need. It gives one significance, it gives one certainty, it makes one feel loved, and as a result, connected. With the seed of confidence planted in the heart by others that “one” can experience growth, and in so doing contribute to society, adding variety for all of us. Yes, we all live better because of the trust we all learn to give if we learn to give it. Chris Plante October 30, 2018

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