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Who We Want to Be

I’m at a coffee shop late at night and there is a drag queen hovering over a vintage video game console. He’s in high heels and a strapless dress. He has a short boyfriend. A question arises as I ponder this scene. Are we who we are or are we who we want to be? Maybe most of us are a little bit of who we want to be, but mostly who we are. Those who decide to be all of who they want to be end up standing out in a crowd. Like the guy in the dress.

Maybe we who are a little of what we want to be are comfortable with the rest of who we are. Maybe we just don’t want to make waves. Maybe we are inhibited. Maybe not. Maybe we don’t give it another thought. Maybe we secretly do. I know I don’t. My guess is that very few entertain the thought. That is why those who do, stand out. That is why they are not everywhere, in mass. That is why things are the way they are, governed by people who are mostly who they are, but a little bit of who they want to be.

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